Important Announcement

Dear Followers

We are sad to inform you that the programme EFID has come to an end. Since 2010, EFID has worked on improving the lives people with dementia by enabling inclusive, culturally sensitive, accessible, goal-oriented services and communities across Europe.

As part of this endeavour EFID supported a network of 33 partners organisations from all over Europe through a series of schemes for awards, workshops, conferences and regular exchanges.

What was EFID?

EFID was a European partnership of foundations and their community partners convinced that it is necessary to put people’s life goals at the centre of the health and care interventions if we wish to build inclusive communities for all. A comprehensive response to dementia requires collaboration among all stakeholders to improve prevention, risk reduction, diagnosis, treatment and care. Achieving such collaboration requires that people with dementia speak up and are valued as experts with the condition.

Dementia is one of the most frequently occurring conditions affecting old age, and remains one of the most important challenges in European society. To live well with dementia communities should support people with dementia and see in them an opportunity for society rather than a burden.